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Alex and Cassidy: CONSPIRACY

Alex and Cassidy: CONSPIRACY

The past sins of fathers will return to haunt their daughters in the final installment of the Alex and Cassidy series. What had started as a simple case three years earlier, forever altered the course of FBI Agent Alex Toles’ life. A committed investigator, Alex had always avoided personal entanglements. That was until she meet Cassidy O’Brien. Alex had been sent by President John Merrow to investigate threatening letters that had targeted Cassidy and her ex-husband Congressman Christopher O’Brien. Three years later, Alex finds herself a devoted wife and parent. Her life and her work center on Cassidy and their two children Dylan and Mackenzie. Alex’s desire to protect her family and her need to uncover the truth about the past has led her to assume control of her father’s company, Carecom—a company that serves The Central Intelligence Agency. Now a CIA agent, Alex’s real mission has been to root out the foundations of a group her father once belonged to known as The Collaborative. In an effort to undermine The Collaborative’s resources, Alex has moved to acquire multiple companies that serve the intelligence complex. Her latest planned acquisition, a pharmaceutical company called MyoGen, has stirred the intelligence community into a frenzy. As Alex moves to solidify the merger, her brother, Jonathan Krause finds himself pursuing a ghost from the past in a remote area of Siberia. What he discovers shakes the foundation of everything that everyone in Alex’s life thought they understood. The secrets held by MyoGen, the identities of Sphinx, and the man known only as Lynx will be revealed. Children will confront the lies created by their parents. And, parents will endeavor to protect their children when the roots of international conspiracies are uncovered.*Version*=1&*entries*=0
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