Governor Candace Reid is embarking on an adventure few ever have the courage to take. She's launched her campaign to become the first lesbian to receive the Democratic nomination for president. It's only the beginning and already Candace faces criticism from multiple corners. A wealthy businessman has thrown his hat in the ring from the other side of the aisle and has joined forces with her long-time rival, Lawson Klein. Candace's former senate colleague, Senator George Keyes is gearing up to fight her for the nomination, and his approach has surprised everyone on her team. Meanwhile, Candace is forced to navigate the landmines being the Governor of New York present. There's still a serial killer on the loose, a budget that needs to be passed, and a host of other issues that demand her attention. It all pales by comparison to the role she plays as wife, mother, and grandmother.

Follow Candace and Jameson as they face serial killers, precocious five-year-olds, competing priorities, hectic schedules, and colorful family members. A healthy dose of laughter, a few tears, tons of questions, and a handful of fortune cookies can predict only one thing—life will never be dull with the Fletcher-Reid Clan.

Campaign Trail is the ninth installment in the best-selling BY DESGN series.

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