The Spaces Between

The Spaces Between is the prequel to SALVATION. This was written in order to prepare to write SALVATION. It runs in between episodes from Tsunami in Season Three through the end of the show.


Salvation is what is called in The Xenaverse as a POST-FIN. What that means is that the story is imagined after the ending of the television show. SALVATION begings about eleven years after Xena's death. Gabrielle is in Amphipolis. There have been major changes in everyone's life. When a new threat emerges against Eve and her son, Gabriel, Gabrielle must serach her heart to find the strength of forgiveness. Will Xena be returned to them? Can this unlikely family finally find peace from Gods and Devils? It's a tale of heroes, of family, of the power of forgiveness and enduring love, and of finding one's SALVATION.


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