Welcome to Bumbling Bard Creations! Why Bumbling Bard? Bards are storytellers. I love to tell stories and create crazy characters. Some of my characters, like me, do their fair share of bumbling. I deemed myself a "bumbling bard" and these are my creations, you get the idea! You can read a bit about me and this journey I am on below.


Hopefully, you will find some interesting charaters to travel with as you explore the stories on this site. There are senators, secret agents, moms, doctors, architects, actors, writers, presidents, parents, zany families, and percocious toddlers to get to know. I hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as I love writing them.




Writing these stories reminds me of that every day. Just as I create the stories on the page one word, one paragraph at a time, so do we all create our lives one word, one moment, one interaction at a time. HOW AMAZING!!  Thanks for stopping by! ~ Nancy

About Nancy

So, you want to know about The Bumbling Bard?


Nancy has worn many hats. For more than twenty years, she worked as a retail manager for companies such as Blockbuster Video, Target, and Follett Higher Education Group. She credits those years as educating her in the study of people. There is no better way to begin to understand people than to interact with them. 


Creativity and the arts have always been a central part of Nancy's life. She has performed as a stand-up comic, played with an improvisational comedy troupe, worked as a karaoke host and disc jockey, served as co-president on the board of a community theater, written, directed and stage managed several plays, and even tried her hand on stage in a few productions.


After a series of major personal upheavals in 2009, including a shooting that occurred at the bookstore she managed and the death of her mother, Nancy began to consider her future differently. In 2012, she entered a ministry program through Indiana Wesleyan University in the hopes of pursuing a career in prison chaplaincy. After a series of turns, she made the decision that ministry was not the right fit and transferred to Arizona State University to study Social Justice.


In 2013, Nancy had the ambition to write a play loosely based on her experiences in 2009. To practice writing characters and dialogue, she wrote a Xena fan fiction called Salvation. Readers of the fan fiction quickly suggested that Nancy write something original, and  Alex and Cassidy were born.



Intersection, the first novel in the Alex and Cassidy series was published in January 2014. It swiftly reached #1 in Lesbian Fiction and #5 in Political Thrillers on Amazon. Since that time, Nancy has published four more Alex and Cassidy novels: Betrayal, Commitment, Conspiracy and Untold. She is also the author of the novel Falling Through Shooting Stars.


Nancy completed work on the play SPIN in 2014, and directed it for Sherri's Playhouse, a blog talk show in the style of radio playhouses.


In March of 2015, Nancy began writing under the pen name J.A. Armstrong. As J.A. Armstrong she has released five popular short story series: Off Screen, By Design, and Special Delivery, Lesson Plans, and the recently released First Course.


Currently, Nancy is engaged in developing By Design for production as a web series. She continues to write all five series as J.A. Armstrong and is expected to release a new novel, All the Way Home in fall 2017.


Nancy is passionte about giving back and supports numerous charities. She is also a member of The New Hollywood—LGBT, a 501c3 group of creators dedicated to supporting socially conscious storytellers and changemakerYou can learn more about The New Hollywood here:


Personally, Nancy lives in Connecticut with her wife, Melissa, a Jack Russell named Sydney Bristow,a mutt named Maggie, and a husky named Jameson Reid.